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Custom trips


your adventure, your choice

Our adventure experiences are designed to take you out into the wilderness, mountain peaks and the ocean to help you find your element and make some memories that will last a lifetime. With our team and the trips made, you will experience magic and the thrill of exhaling fear and inhaling not just fresh air, but also, confidence.

To maximize this opportunity, we can help you customise a trip. Email us at info@theadventurecentre.local with your preferences and necessary information and we will put together an adventure you will never forget.

Exploring Possibility

in- school trips

Can’t travel away from school? Don’t worry, we will bring the camping experience right at yours. The opportunity to experience learning outside the classroom can be enjoyed with day trips or in-school camping trips which offers knowledge, fun and excitement in bite-sized packages. The trips offers various options for education, progression and team-building.


holiday camp

Camping gives students a taste of the outdoors while striking a fine balance between independence and responsibility. We provide a service where we come into schools and run a program during the holiday breaks or we can take the students to locations and run overnight camps during school breaks. It teaches a number of skills and techniques and adds in adequate splashes of fun and excitement.


family camp

Get back to the great outdoors and have fun with your family on a different type of holiday. Exhale the pressure and stress and inhale lasting memories you will have at camp. This trip is designed to immerse you in the natural world, giving you and your family a chance to enjoy the outdoors, trying and experiencing new adventures that will surely treasure a lifetime.