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We cater to everyone's unique appetite for adventure & thrills

The Adventure Centre works with numerous schools all over and around the UAE. Most of our programs are set to compliment curriculum and schedules for educational institutes. But we also know that one size doesn’t fit all, so feel free to get in touch with us if you would like a custom program for your school or institute.

Our corporate programs and activities are designed so that it fits the fast life of business but it’s very common for organizations to ask to create an event with a specific goal in mind. So feel free to contact us if you couldn’t find exactly what you were looking for and we’ll surely cook up something awesome for you and your team.

Most of our adventures are based on groups, teams and organizations but we don’t like to leave anyone behind! So if you’re an individual who is interested in finding your element solo or with your family, get in touch with us right now and we’ll be more than happy to setup an event customized just for you and your level of hunger for adventure.

Are the adventures covered under insurance?

Yes! Safety and accountability are very important to us. All adventures, events and activities undertaken by The Adventure Centre are covered by a 3rd party public liability insurance to ensure a safer experience for all our customers and staff.

Is the staff certified by the respective authorities?

Yes! Every member of The Adventure Centre is fully certified by the respective authorities and registries of their specialty and also First-Aid certified. We also perform a thorough background check on each new recruit. Though there is no regulations or requirements in the UAE, but we go above and beyond to find certified instructors from the UK and Ireland.

Can meals be tailored to dietary requirements?

We work very closely with the schools to make sure all dietary regulations are met. We ensure we are adaptable and flexible to each and everyone’s dietary needs.
All meals prepared and brought to you by us will always follow the desired dietary guidelines provided by you. We strive to give you the best experience and a worry-free adventure every time.

How long prior do I need to book adventures?

Basic adventures need to be booked at a minimum of 7-days prior to give us enough time to prepare all the necessities and provide you the safest experience. Certain programs take longer so we always advise enthusiasts to call us whenever you want to take the leap and let us help you decide the best adventure suited to you!

Do I need to pay the full amount before the adventure?

We have a number of packages and always request interested customers to get in touch with us to find out the exact payment terms.

Can I make my own adventure?

There’s a place for every kind of adventurer at The Adventure Centre! We encourage everyone to get in touch with us even if you can’t find your type of adventure on the website, because we love to create custom packages to suit your particular taste for thrill.

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