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While the students are on camp with us, we work these character traits into their everyday lives to better help create the leaders of tomorrow. We hold these values in high regard amongst our staff and allow them to be the role models for the students.


Resilience is ability to cope with hardships and setbacks. It is the mental reservoir of strength that we can call on in times of need  that even in the face of events that seem utterly unimaginable, resilience allows us to marshal the strength to not just survive but to prosper.


Taking action is essential if you want to achieve your goals, dreams, and desires. During your journey to success however, you will encounter roadblocks, hardships, and challenges. Being persistent and sticking firmly to your goals are the keys to get it all done.


Where there are challenges, there are winners. Sure, winning over something or someone could really help your ego, but embracing the fact that everyone contributed to your success is the greatest win of all time.


Tom Crean is an unsung hero of the great age of Antarctic exploration. He was part of an expedition led by Earnest Shackleton to the South Pole in which their ship became trapped in the ice. He disembarked and walked solo across 35 miles of the Antarctic ice shelf to reach help, and is held as the sole reason his shipmates were able to survive their expedition and return home safely. This is a journey we discuss with the students every trip to help set the mindset and expectation that anyone can achieve greatness. All it takes is one step.

We would like to honour his legacy by awarding one student from each trip who show such characteristics; kindness, resilience, determination and humility.

Challenge By choice


In order to feel safe in a community, a person must have control over what she or he will and will not do.

Challenge by choice is a concept in which people are empowered to decide whether to participate in an activity and take on the challenge. Learning is deepened, because the student is in control of his/her learning.

This concept encourages respect for one another, the skill of making one’s own choices free of peer-group pressure and promotes an experience where everyone contributes to each other’s choices and self-esteem development


Every time an animal is adopted, a space opens up in the shelter or the rescue. Shelters simply don’t have enough space and funding to accommodate all the animals that are brought there. So when you adopt a cat or dog, not only are you saving that animal’s life, but you are also opening up a space for another animal’s life to be saved.

There are resident rescue dogs at camp which the kids love especially when they hear about the dogs’ background and how they are in a place better now. 

By purchasing our Be Kind shirt, 10% of this proceeds to shelters that support animal welfare.



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